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GeneXpert Infinity-80

GeneXpert® Infinity-80

The Most automated complete molecular diagnostic systems.

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  • The GeneXpert Infinity Systems are the latest advancement in Molecular Diagnostics Total Automation. The epitome of platform consolidation, they enable a comprehensive menu of tests to be run on a single system, by a single operator, in a moderately complex, real-time environment. With two sizes to choose from, Cepheid’s unique cartridge technology, and exclusive “load and go” capability, the GeneXpert Infinity provides maximum flexibility in system placement, staffing, and menu availability.

    Key features:

    • New adjustable Touch-Screen
    • Expanded Conveyor & Loading zone
    • Increased Accumulator Capacity
    • Faster, Quieter, More Robust Robotic Gantry
    • Expanded Test Shuttle (load and unload capabilities)
    • Fully self-contained (no need for external pneumatics or fluidics)

    The best things have stayed the same:

    • Our Patented Cartridge
    • Our Patented Module Analytical Unit


    The Infinity System employs the same proven, robust GeneXpert modules used across the entire GeneXpert System family. The Infinity System is designed, just like the rest of the GeneXpert family, to grow with your testing needs (from 16 to 80 modules).

    No other molecular platform offers the workflow flexibility, ease-of-use, and true random-access 24/7 testing of the GeneXpert family of systems. Combined with Cepheid’s rapidly expanded menu and proven cartridge technology, there is an automated molecular solution for facilities of any size.

    Dimensions: 85” L x 35” W x 78.5” H
    Throughput: >1,300 test per day

    Dimensions: 108” L x 35” W x 78.5” H
    Throughput: >2,000 test per day

    • Adding Institutional Value with a GeneXpert System
    • Cepheid - Our Vision for a Better Way
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      GeneXpert Infinity 80

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    • What is the GeneXpert® System?

      The GeneXpert Dx System automates and integrates sample preparation, nucleic acid amplification, and detection of the target sequence in simple or complex samples using real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR). The system is suited for in vitro diagnostic and research based applications that require hands-off processing of patient samples (specimens) and provides both summarized and detailed test results data in tabular and graphic formats. The GeneXpert system can only be used with the GeneXpert cartridge.

    • What dyes can be used on the GeneXpert DX system?

      The GeneXpert (Diagnostic System) is calibrated with FAM, Alexa Fluor532, Texas Red, and Alexa Fluor647.

    • What assays can I run on the GeneXpert DX System?

      The GeneXpert® Dx system can run a number of assays developed by Cepheid. Please refer to the products section of our website.

    • Can I connect a different scanner or change the configuration?

      No, we can only support the components that are shipped with the system. Do not replace or reconfigure any of the components. Using non-approved components can produce invalid results, cause loss of data, or damage other system components.

    • How do I archive a test?

      Click on Data Management/ Archive Test and click on the test(s) you wish to archive. Click Archive and follow the defaults. When emailing an archive run, do not use a Yahoo account or a MAC computer. Also, some filters may remove the .gxx extension. If this happens, change it to anything but .txt.

    • How many GX instruments can be hooked up to a computer system?

      The computer can support 1 GX instrument. However, we have an Ethernet switch (Cepheid part number 800-0038) to allow up to 4 GX instruments to work with a computer system. This would allow for up to 16 samples to be run on the GeneXpert System.

    • Is the GeneXpert®Dx System licensed to perform PCR?

      Conveyed with the purchase of real-time thermal cycler are the licensing rights to perform the patented real-time polymerase chain reaction process on the GeneXpert® under Applera's European Patent No. EP 0 872 562, Japanese Patent No. JP 3136129 and patents pending, for all field including human in vitro diagnostics except for diagnosis and monitoring of HIV and HCV infections.

    • What dyes can be used on the GeneXpert Biothreat system?

      The GeneXpert (Biothreat System) is calibrated with FAM, VIC, DRox and LIZ

    • What is the cartridge?

      Disposable, single-use GeneXpert Dx cartridge holds the samples and reagents that you want to process in the GeneXpert Dx System. Each cartridge consists of the following components:

      • Processing chambers-Hold samples, reagents, processed sample, and waste solutions. One chamber is designated as an air chamber to equilibrate pressures within the cartridge.
      • Valve body-Rotates and allows fluid to move to different cartridge chambers and to the reaction tube. Within the valve body, the specimen is isolated, PCR inhibitors are removed, and specimens are ultrasonically lysed (if applicable). After the sample is processed, it is mixed with PCR reagents and moved into the integrated reaction tube.
      • Reaction tube-Enables rapid thermal cycling and optical excitation and detection of the tube contents. The reaction tube is automatically inserted into the I-CORE module after the cartridge is loaded into the instrument.
      • The GeneXpert cartridges are not supplied with the Cepheid. Contact Cepheid Customer Service to order the assay specific cartridges: 1-888-838-3222 Option 1

      Please refer to the website for further details regarding the GeneXpert® technology.

    • What symbology is supported with the 2D scanner?

      Codes 39 and 128 are supported.