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Detect MRSA & SA Skin and Soft Tissue Infections In Less Than One Hour

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  • The tremendous increase of both hospital acquired and community acquired MRSA in skin and soft tissue infections requires a change in management of these infections. Cepheid's on-demand Xpert® MRSA/SA SSTI test detects the presence of S. aureus (SA) or methicillin-resistant S. aureus (MRSA) in skin and soft tissue infections in less than one hour.

    SSTIs are a major health concern

    • The most common cause of skin and soft tissue infections is Staph aureus; MRSA represents over 50% of these infections in parts of the U.S.
    • Current laboratory methods can take up to 72 hours to determine if a SSTI is SA or MRSA
    • Empiric treatment, found to be incorrect in 57% of patients according to one study, is employed due to lack of a rapid identification method

    The only rapid and comprehensive SSTI test available

    • Xpert MRSA/SA SSTI is a rapid, on-demand test for detecting MRSA and SA from skin and soft tissue swabs in less than one hour
    • Xpert MRSA/SA SSTI is the most comprehensive Staph aureus test available:
      • Includes targets for Staph aureus, MRSA, and mecA
      • Identifies presumptive positive "empty cassette" strains for correct classification as SA sensitive
      • Unparalleled automation with the GeneXpert® System provides reduced hands-on time and improved laboratory efficiency

    Important healthcare benefits of rapid detection

    • Helps ensure the right therapy sooner for improved patient management
    • Enables a targeted antimicrobial therapy approach for better antimicrobial stewardship
    • Allows for immediate identification of patient infection for improved isolation and infection control measures
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