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Xpert® MTB/RIF

Two-hour detection of MTB and rifampin-resistance mutations

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  • It’s a development that the world has been waiting for, for literally decades. It’s something that has the potential of truly revolutionizing the way we deal with TB today.”

    - Dr. Mario Raviglione Director, Stop TB Department, WHO. As stated in the TB diagnostics conference call hosted by Advocacy to Control TB Internationally on December 7, 2010

    The Need

    Current MTB diagnostics methods require weeks to deliver a definitive result. Delayed result reporting can lead to patients being left untreated or placed on ineffective therapies. If untreated, patients may continue to spread MTB to others in the community increasing the disease burden.

    Great challenges face the global community, including United States, with the worldwide re-emergence of TB and increased number of multi-drug resistant (MDR) and emergence of extensively drug-resistant (XDR) TB strains. The need for fast and accurate TB diagnosis with indication for the drug resistance is greater than ever.

    The Solution

    Xpert MTB/RIF, on-demand molecular testing — an ideal solution:

    • Unprecedented sensitivity for detecting MTB — even in smear-negative, culture-positive specimens
    • Simultaneous detection of both MTB and rifampin resistance mutations, which are markers for MDR strain
    • On-demand capability that empowers physicians to manage patients effectively
    • Excellent Negative Predictive Value keeps TB negative patients from unnecessary and costly respiratory isolations

    The Impact

    Impact on Patient Pathway (click on graphic to download pdf of brochure for larger view and additional information)

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